2016 UC-HBCU Bridge Class Selected

The 2016 UCSD-Morehouse-Spelman UC-HBCU Bridge Program class has been selected, and includes four students from Morehouse College and one student from Spelman. These were selected from among 10 students who applied, on the basis of GPA, research interests and recommendations from faculty and mentors.

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The students selected are:

Andrew Davis (Morehouse ’18) is an Applied Physics major interested in Astrophysics, Andrew wants to earn an advanced degree in Aerospace Engineering with a goal of working for NASA and/or designing advanced video game systems that serve a public good.

Rodney Davis (Morehouse ’17) is a Physics major interested in Astrophysics and Solar Energy, Rodney wants to earn an advanced degree in Physics and become a professor or teacher of Physics. He’s particularly interested in motivating students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their dreams through physics.

Tenley Hutchinson (Spelman ’19) is a Physics major interested in Astrophysics, who wants to learn about dark matter, dark energy and the origin of the Universe. She aims to obtain her PhD in Astrophysics and become a theoretical astrophysicist.

Justin Johnson (Morehouse ’18) is a Physics and Mechanical Engineering major who has worked on Solar physics and high energy observatory physics. He plans to get a PhD and work on electrostatic propulsion, and be part of the program to bring humanity to Mars.

Simeon Mckelvey (Morehouse ’17) is an Applied Physics & Biomedical Engineering major. Having benefitted from biomedical engineering interventions as a child, he aims to pursue this field and help children through his own work.

Umaru Waizoba (Morehouse ’18) is a Physics & Electrical Engineering with interests in Astrophysics, Biophysics and Electrical Engineering. His seeks to become a “Change Agent”, using his knowledge and skills to transform people’s lives for better.

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