Class of 2014


Jeremy Ariche

Morehouse Class of 2016
Major: Physics
Research Interests: Biophysics, mathematical physics
UCSD Mentor: Prof. George Fuller

Biographical Statement:
Ever since I was a young kid, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in science. Each Christmas, I would always ask for books and lab kits to satisfy my desire for discovery. In high school, I knew that I wanted to make Physics a major part of my life when I was in a Physics course with a gentleman I consider to be my career mentor. He had obtained a doctorate degree in Mathematics, and he encouraged me to pursue a doctorate in Physics. During my freshman year at Morehouse College, I conducted research in Ramsey Theory, where I learned about abstract mathematical objects called vertices and edges. From this first research experience, I learned about the processes of conducting research and communicating research through poster and oral presentations. Last summer, I expanded my expertise through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program at Michigan State University’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. I worked with a computer simulation program and built electronics designed to optimize the experiment. While there, I saw a presentation in Biophysics and I am now doing research in Biophysics at Georgia State University as part of the Minority Biomedical Research Support – Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (MBRS RISE) Program.  I am not only aiming to learn more about Biophysics, I am also striving to obtain the experience necessary for a successful graduate school career.

Christian Aganze

Morehouse Class of 2017
Major: Physics/Electrical Engineering
Research interests: Broad, with recent work in solar energy research
UCSD Mentor: Prof. Adam Burgasser

Biographical Statement:
I have had a pleasure to work in the M.O.R.E. lab at Morehouse College where I designed and simulated dye-sensitized solar cells as well as fuel cells using Matlab Simulink software. This research program was built in a collaborative effort with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Despite the fact that this program has been focused on energy research, my interests are not limited to this field. I am also interested in nanotechnology, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, astrophysics and electrical engineering.

Jarrhett Butler

Morehouse Class of 2014
Major: Applied Physics/Nuclear Engineering
Research interests: Medical physics, Biophysics
UCSD Mentor: Prof. Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins

Biographical Statement:
I am a fourth-year Dual Degree Engineering student from Gaithersburg MD. My research interests are to explore medical physics and radiology. The purpose to Medical Physics is to improve medical treatments through patient-oriented activities. I want to able assist in the improvement in medical imaging through the use of nuclear physics concepts. Through past research experience with a particle accelerator and exposure of nuclear physics I was able to see how through the use of physics various medical treatments can be improved. My educational and professional plans are to complete my Bachelors degrees in both Applied Physics (finish Spring 2014) and my Nuclear Engineering degree at a second institute (begin Fall 2014). Upon completion of my undergraduate studies I want to pursue a Ph.D. in Medical Physics, where I can work towards improving processes of treatments, testing theories, and possibly developing new theories within the Medical physics realm. I want to apply my knowledge of the sciences to better the health of my fellow people and bring better treatments to the less fortunate.

Saidou N’gaide’

Morehouse Class of 2017
Major: Applied Physics/Aerospace Engineering
Research interests: Electrical grid, energy research
UCSD Mentor: Prof. Brian Keating

Biographical Statement:
My passion for changing and affecting other people’s lives has always been the number one driver in whatever I do. Since I was a small child, I have been wondering and asking questions that many people don’t ask: why some people are poor and others are rich, and why rich people are not sometimes willing to help the poor with the fortune they have. My goal has always been changing the lives of poor people and making them feel like they are not different from the millionaires. This drove me to have a strong passion for community services, and helping the needy.
My main goal in life is to bring electricity into my village. I was born in a small village named Thide’. I moved to the city when I was 4 years old and I recently went back to my village in 2012. I was shocked to realize that people are still using petrol lamp to light their houses at night, while the city and some nearby villages have access to electricity.  My goal has always been to bring electricity to my village and to other nearby villages. I am pursuing electrical and aeronautical engineering in the future, so I can acquire enough knowledge about electricity to achieve my goal.
My research interests include harvesting energy through solar and wind, as well as cosmology and exploration of the Universe.

pilate-hutchersonJulian Pilate-Hutcherson

Morehouse Class of 2016
Major: Applied Physics/Civil Engineering
Research interests: Sustainability and renewable energy sources, optical & laser physics
UCSD Mentor: Oleg Shpyrko

Biographical Statement:
I am a junior, Applied Physics/Civil Engineering major from Vallejo, CA attending Morehouse College. My single-parent mother is currently a Registered Nurse and manager of the OBGYN department at Kaiser Permanente, Richmond and Hercules. She graduated from Sacramento State and earned her Master’s degree in nursing at UC San Francisco. Growing up as her child, I have been able to see the benefits that her success as a nurse has given her. She constantly tells me that her bachelor’s and master’s degrees were two of the most invaluable things she has earned. Not only has she proven to be one of the top females in the health field, she has shown how to be successful and a role model for many African-Americans. Her leadership, success, and push for me to attain a higher education have motivated me to become the best in my field. My current research interests include research in sustainability and in renewable energy sources. I believe that one of the biggest problems the world faces today is being able to preserve the Earth for future generations.

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