Class of 2017


Theodore Cruz

Morehouse Class of 2019
Major: Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Research interests: Artificial & quantum-based materials
UCSD Mentor: Prof. Richard Averitt

Theodore is a second year Physics and Mechanical Engineering major at Morehouse College, aiming for his Physics Degree and (at least) a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. He wants to pursue a career robotics, using software and mechanics in tandem with advanced technology to investigate artificial intelligence. “In this age of Big Data, our world is learning to depend on software more, which is integrated into other areas of science and technology to make people’s lives easier. I believe this will be a leap forward for STEM fields and I would love to see how much farther these fields can be pushed”. 

Joshua Hazlett

Morehouse Class of 2018
Major: Computer Engineering/Computer Science
Research interests: Observational Astronomy and Computer Engineering
UCSD Mentor: Prof. Adam Burgasser

Joshua is a third-year Computer Engineering/Computer Science major who aspires to earn his Master’s degree in computer engineering, and pursue an entrepreneurial. He has already done research and technical work in several fields, including health physics, particle physics, and now astrophysics. “Having the chance to work in a field encompassing STEM-related work outside of computer engineering itself is something I’ll cherish throughout my educational career.”

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