Morehouse Bridge Scholars start the Bridge Program with a Little Altitude

The Bridge Program started in earnest this week with orientation activities organized by the Summer Training Academy for Research in the Sciences (STARS) program.  As per tradition, one of the first events was a little team building exercise we like to call the ropes course.


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Learn about the UCSD STARS program


Morehouse students participating the UCSD-Morehouse Bridge Program will participate in the Summer Training Academy for Research in the Sciences, or STARS program. This 8-week academy compliments the research activities with graduate preparation and training, including GRE preparation, graduate school workshops, introduction to and essay-writing workshops for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and an opportunity to present research at the UCSD Summer Research Conference.

The STARS program is run by the Office of Graduate Studies by Veronica Henson-Phillips.  For more information, visit